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We stand out from our competitors by being flexible in the design and manufacture of our lighting products. We will make use of any materials required, that work in a practical application to give our client the desired finish. Materials used include glass, stainless steel, brass, ferrous, nonferrous metals, silver and 24 carat gold leafing and foils. Research and development forms an integral part of the company to ensure our products are at the forefront of the industry.

Below are a few examples of some of our latest ranges:
Inspired and conceptualised from a bird’s nest, this exceptional light piece creates a striking visual effect.

Metal wire was intertwined and woven together to create the look and feel of a nest, while small G9 bulbs hang from the centre to illuminate the hanging space and create a warm glow.

This eye-catching range of lights was created to be both functional and decorative. The brief was to use lighting as a theme piece for a wine bar.

Taking inspiration from the way champagne bubbles collect on a glass, we used bright, striking colours behind a cut-out mirror steel frame to create a visual lighting source that is a both funky and functional.

Created as a centrepiece for banquet and dining rooms, the Titanic Chandelier has a distinct 1920’s style and grace.

Fabricated in glass and silver with crystal finishes the elegant light piece adds sophistication and glamour, while providing a warm glow of light.

These custom designed light pieces were created for one of the major hospitality groups in Malawi.

Our pieces were fashioned to fit in with the specific look and feel of the hospitality suite. The colouring was inspired by the décor and ensures unique, sophisticated yet comfortable rooms with exceptional lighting.

The Bird’s Nest
Pinotage Range
Titanic Chandelier
Hotel Project