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Logans Originals is proud to have a number of major projects currently underway. We are involved in projects across the globe including South Africa, Africa, the America’s and Europe. In addition, we are presently engaged on a number of signature homes.

Hospitality Project

One of our leading projects, based in Malawi, included the provision of lighting solutions for 7 of the principle hotels in the area. We worked in conjunction with the interior designers and the client to design and integrate the functionality of lighting into the design space. With roughly 300 rooms in total, the hotels showcased over 1 500 lights with custom-made products ranging from wall to pedestal lighting. The scope included the provision of over 62 000 components, which were packaged per room for onsite assembly and installation. In addition we were the lighting and reticulation consultants on the project. Whilst we were a supplier, the consulting element was for the transfer of our skills to the hotel group so that they would be equipped for future projects. From the origination of the design through to the manufacturing and the final shipment, the entire production was carefully project managed to ensure that the process was conducted at full efficiency within the period to completion. The supply of lighting services to the Malawi project will continue well into 2010 and we will ensure supply meets demand.

Completed Projects include:

• Atlantic View Boutique Hotel
• Pwani Beach Hotel
• Shisangeni Lodge – Kruger Park
• Pinotage Wine Bar - Pretoria