For the past 15+ years, Logans Originals has primarily worked on a project-basis, working in outfitting hotels, lodges, casinos, and other hospitality and residential establishments with lighting, furniture, and accessories.

Here are some of the projects we’re particularly proud to have been a part of.

Table Bay Mall

Cape Town, South Africa

This project began with a concept render, from which our mission involved crafting a piece that captured the graceful fluidity of a jellyfish, combined with a modern aesthetic to authentically portray its organic nature.

Meticulous testing and prototyping were imperative for each specific component, underscoring the indispensable role of comprehensive shop drawings in achieving the client’s vision.

The method employed to fashion the rotating stainless steel elements was fascinating, utilising a series of multiple rollers to achieve the varying sizes and shapes of the tentacles. Additionally, the process of creating the LED strips while preserving that sense of motion entailed an intriguing methodology.

Furthermore, we managed all installations using a rope-access methodology, incorporating diverse risk-analysis procedures. 

Sun International: The Boardwalk

Gqeberha, South Africa

This was an intriguing project, as we were given the opportunity to fabricate colossal, detailed chandeliers, for multiple public areas across the establishment. These chandeliers reached a size of 2.2 metres in diameter, with a height of 2.5 metres, and were not only locally-made, but also handcrafted, putting them amongst the most distinct and valuable of our creations.

Strand Hotel

Swakopmund, Namibia

For this picturesque hotel on the coast of Namibia, our lighting was inspired by traditional concepts; however, we incorporated contemporary and distinct designs, to embody an elegance that was reflected in our timeless pieces.

The Weinberg

Windhoek, Namibia

The Weinberg stands as an elegant hotel harmonising classical and modern aesthetics in its appearance and ambiance; consequently, we were entrusted with producing pieces that embodied and reflected this vision.

Intercontinental Hotel

Lusaka, Zambia

This project was particularly challenging when it came to the large, signature pieces in the public areas; thus, our professional expertise was crucial across various stages of the process.

These focal pieces were the outcome of a reverse-engineering operation, enhancing cost-effectiveness for clients and providing them with greater room to enhance their concepts.

The sheer size of our large feature pendants not only required extensive design and technical detailing of the pieces themselves, but also a clear plan and design regarding the installation methodology, all of which was done off-site. In effectively communicating with on-site architects and engineers, we were able to produce and coordinate the placement of the beautiful pieces you see today.


Eastern Cape, South Africa

When Shamwari underwent renovations, we were tasked with providing unique lighting; in particular, large feature pieces to illuminate every room you walked into.

From our intricately beaded chandeliers, to industrial-style wall lighting, we sought to infuse these spaces with both comfort and a serene ambiance. 

Holiday Inn

Lusaka, Zambia

We were contracted to outfit this Holiday Inn with exceptionally designed everyday lighting pieces, to bring comfort and warmth to every room.

Trump International Hotel & Tower

Panama City, Panama

This project was an incredible prospect for us, and served as an exciting challenge that tested our capabilities. In addition to the sheer scale of the lighting feature pieces, all of the design and manufacturing was fast-tracked, requiring the entire process to be done in real-time. This included designing from scratch, technical detailing, manufacturing each individual part, and shipping everything across the Atlantic. These majestic pieces you see illuminating these grand spaces, only came together on-site, so they could fit into elevators and through entrances, and be shipped without damage. The technical side behind ensuring the perfection of each individual fitting, given the time frame, was an impressive challenge that put our ingenuity to the test, and proved our effectiveness.

Our red, beaded Carnelian Feature Lights you see above, were especially intricate; with peculiar fittings into the soffit, and navigating the design and supply, we had to interface the technical manoeuvring in such a way that en-situ engineers could install our pieces.
These meticulous pieces were produced from scratch in just 30 days.

Abelana Game Reserve

Phalaborwa, South Africa

We worked with designers to create pieces that encapsulated the surrounding wilderness, and elicited a sense of serenity within.

This project marked our entrance into designing and supplying not only lighting, but also furniture, mirrors, and other accessories, resulting in a full outfitting across the lodge; in every image of this gorgeous establishment, lies at least one piece of ours that was carefully curated with the image of luxury, comfort, and functionality, as per our client’s request.

A piece that was a new venture to us, was the hanging macrame. It might come as a surprise, but this seemingly simple piece took months, as we were determined to keep the natural fabric look, and wanted it to be durable and organic in material.

Whether it be the light fixture that was inspired by a fish trap, or ensuring the longevity of the teak terrace furniture, everything was attentively considered with a specific intention in mind, from both sides.

African Hills Safari Lodge

Embodying and integrating the surrounding wilderness was key to our design concepts. One example of organic inspiration came in the form of the weaver’s nest, thus culminating in our distinctive Nest Lights, that appear larger than life, yet magically lit from within.

Avani Gaborone Resort & Casino

This sleek establishment was a chance for us to experiment in more modern, industrial designs, creating chic lighting pieces that fit the darker theme, yet still proved practical in lighting up the various spaces.

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