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Logans Originals is a boutique lighting and furniture solutions supplier that services both the local and export market. Established originally as a direct exporter, the company has since expanded to offer innovative ideas, bespoke pieces, and consulting services.

As designers, manufacturers, service suppliers, and installers of light and furniture pieces, we supply the retail, commercial, industrial, residential, and hospitality sectors. Our simple yet sophisticated approach allows us to continually customise innovative products and ideas that are distinctively original yet entirely functional.

Our Lookbook

Step into the world of Logans Original through our captivating Lookbook—a visual narrative of our evolution, craftsmanship, and boundless creativity. Immerse yourself in a gallery of mesmerizing designs that showcase the seamless fusion of rustic charm and contemporary elegance. Our Lookbook is a window into the heart and soul of our journey. Join us as we take you on a visual odyssey.

Ready to collaborate?

Send us what you have in mind; whether it be a concept you’re inspired to create, or a query you’d like answers to, we’re here to discuss and provide solutions. Reach out, and let’s chat.


Our Collections

Every single piece we’ve created is entirely unique and bespoke; each has been carefully designed with elegance and functionality in mind. Whether it be our illuminating lighting range, or our inventive furniture selection, all of our pieces are curated with you in mind.

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