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Welcome to the heart of Logans Original, where creativity knows no limits and innovation takes center stage. Our “What We Offer” page is a gateway to a world of possibilities, where your design aspirations come to life with unparalleled craftsmanship and expertise.

Custom Bespoke

What makes Logans Original particularly exceptional in the industry, is our ability to customise and create bespoke pieces unique to our clients’ requests.

Our custom designed products allow us the freedom to cater to the unique individual requirements and needs of the lighting and furniture industry. We specialise in both designer and functional pieces – allowing our clients to tailor-make products to their own specifications and environments without the effort of sourcing manufacturers.

Whether it be a slight adjustment in size, a change in material, an added feature, or a completely new and inventive concept, we have experience in delivering a truly distinct piece that speaks to our clients; being able to tailor-make a bespoke piece is our greatest strength, and our most requested service.


Starting from scratch is our specialty; in fact, all of our pieces are uniquely designed by us. Whether it be a spontaneous idea from the mind of our CEO, or a concept our clients feel inspired by, we can create it. We provide comprehensive shop drawings, technical solutions, and suggestions for creating the finest functional pieces.


We handle the critical aspects of making a dream a reality, by curating only the most high quality and suitable materials, employing more sustainable options, recognising weaknesses in designs, and reacting with adjustments to create the perfect piece.


The final part of every project is the installation.

Sometimes this stage can be particularly stressful, especially when handling colossal feature lights; that’s why we offer assistance in making certain this phase can go as smoothly as possible.

From the Trump International Hotel in Panama, to the Intercontinental in Lusaka, we’ve taken charge of this final stage, overseeing and ensuring our pieces are put into their perfect positions, and verifying that the technical side of the installation is secure, clear-cut, cohesive and conducive to the stability of the final piece.


How do you change the light bulbs of a 2-metre long feature light? What about cleaning 400 crystals on a chandelier? How do you treat a lacquer-coated stained teak wood?

We’re here to answer those questions, and provide support, particularly with our larger signature lighting pieces, often coming in-person to conduct these services. We provide annual cleaning and maintenance, sending in a crew to alleviate your concerns, and take the task off your hands.


Refurbishing and renovation is a newer service of ours, inspired by the many hidden gems we’ve found over the years, and our determination to discover their hidden sparkle again. Whether it be a vintage light that needs a little upwork, or a presumed scrap chunk of metal, we are excited to make a piece shine, and find a home to appreciate the distinctive, one-of-a-kind result..

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At Logans Originals, we thrive on turning your unique ideas into breathtaking realities. Whether you have a distinct project in mind or are seeking inspiration, our team is ready to embark on this creative journey with you.

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